What is Kancho?

Kancho is the ancient art of clasping your hands together and poking someone… in the rear.- Read More –


In the rear – the pooper, the stinkhole, the wazoo, where the sun don’t shine…- Read More –

Who would do something like that?

Kancho is a traditional prank in Japan, where it occurs daily in elementary and often in junior high schools. – Read More –

Why is everybody doing Kancho?

The short answer: because it’s funny. When asked why they do Kancho, Japanese people often give answers such as: communication, kinship, we’ve always done it, and their butt was in the air making a good target, or “I’m short, you’re tall, think about it.” – Read More –

How can I learn to Kancho like a master?

You could move to Japan, or you could enroll at Kancho University.

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