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Kancho caught on tape.

The "Kancho-ing" of Eric C.

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Pretty Japanese girl kanchos a bikini clad guy on the beach. Seriously.

We thought Kancho was mostly a Japanese thing, but apparently they do something similar in Florida. This girl explains the "Pocahontas".

Kancho Christmas - Run Santa Run

Right on target!

Morning Musume members discuss Kancho.

Kancho Montage - Three movie classics, with a twist.

Caught on tape! Elementary school teacher in Japan is taken off-guard by his students. (Note- The student is definately performing Kancho, but it sounds like he's saying "gabyou" which means "thumbtack")

Ai Kago and Nozomi Kanchoing a lady.

On the means streets of Japan, not even female friends are safe from Kancho.

Commuter train kancho. This video features a young man as the assailant and unfazed bystanders.

Kenta gets pwned. Check out this video of High School boys straight from Japan.

More kids Kanchoing each other.

Japanese girl Aiko Kanchoes a baby.

Actual Movie - "The Curse of the Kancho Kid"

Kancho Kancho - from Kancho the musical

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J-List is a peaceful island of Japanese pop culture for you

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