Kancho Laboratory 1: An introductory course in How to Kancho -

  • Preparation - Choose a victim, preferably one who is distracted, and make your approach from behind.

    • 1. Take careful aim. A misplaced Kancho could result in bent finger syndrome or worse. It also gives the victim a chance to retaliate as you will have lost the element of surprise. (See figure 1)
    • Kancho Rear View
        2. Form the universal Kancho fist by putting your palms together, intertwining the fingers of your right and left hands, leaving the index fingers pointing straight out. (See figure 2)
      Universal Kancho Fist
        3. Align Tab F with Slot B. (See figure 3)
      Kancho Aim
        4. Insert Tab F into Slot B; use force if necessary. (See figure 4)
      Kancho Pow
        5. Enjoy.

    • Tips - To save time during the actual Kancho, you may want to form the universal Kancho fist the evening before, to be sure that it is ready. To ensure a hasty retreat, consider joining your school running club.
    • Kancho Animation

      **WARNING** Perform Kancho at your own risk. Although meant to be a joke, the act of Kancho may be considered sexual harassment. Kancho.org does not encourage or condone the act of Kancho unless you have the express written consent of your victim.